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The Prostate Cancer Foundation challenges Americans to kick the New Year Off Right by taking the “21 In 21” pledge
World’s leading prostate cancer research non-profit encourages people to take simple science-based actions to raise awareness about how healthy lifestyles can help reduce cancer risk

LOS ANGELES, Calif., December 22, 2020 – The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) challenges Americans to show their support for men affected by prostate cancer and raise awareness about the link between healthy lifestyles and reduced cancer risk by making a New Year’s resolution to make 21 simple, healthy lifestyle changes in 2021.

The PCF’s The Science of Living Well, Beyond Cancer recommends three healthy lifestyle basics that anyone can do to improve their overall health: relax, exercise, and eat real foods, like brightly-colored vegetables and unprocessed whole grains. For “21 in 21”, PCF has developed 21 simple, fun, science-based actions based on these principles that people can take to start the year off right.

“Lifestyle modifications have been convincingly shown to reduce the risk of the onset of cancer and progression, including prostate cancer,” said Jonathan W. Simons, MD, PCF president and CEO. “Rest, exercise, and nutrition are three of the top social determinants of health. People who adopt these healthier lifestyle changes can help reduce their cancer risk and improve their overall health.”

Here’s how it works: participants pledge to take the challenge at https://www.pcf.org/21in21/ and PCF will send daily science-based tips and activities. For example, on January 1, participants will “Unlock the Clock” and start 2021 with rest: setting bed and wake times and committing to these for 21 days. Research shows that getting adequate sleep can help ease chronic pain, anxiety, and stress, resulting in a stronger immune system. Then, participants will “Start Your Engines” on January 2 with exercise: taking a walk and committing to repeating on the next three weekends.  There are clear associations between exercise and cancer prevention and recovery, research shows, and taking a walk is good for the circulatory system and can improve mood and overall energy.

Other “21 in 21” science-based actions include eating only plant-based foods for one day; incorporating simple high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises into your routine; and turning on the radio and dancing for 20 minutes. All are based on the three principles outlined in The Science of Living Well, Beyond Cancer – precision nutrition, precision exercise, and precision rest – and are designed to be fun and easy for anyone to do at home.

In addition to receiving 21 daily actions, all participants will also receive a link to the full “21 in 21” calendar so they can personalize their activities and create their own schedule. Also included is a link to PCF’s wellness guide, The Science of Living Well, Beyond Cancer, which encompasses the latest scientific recommendations for cancer prevention, including actionable tips for optimal health, nutrition, and wellness. The PCF wellness guide is not just for men with living with prostate cancer or people living with cancer, but also written for anyone interested in living well and reducing their risk for any number of chronic diseases.

Take the “21 in 21” Challenge at https://www.pcf.org/21in21/. Connect with PCF at www.pcf.org, on Facebook (facebook.com/pcf.org),  Instagram (@prostatecancerfoundation), or Twitter (@pcfnews).

About the Prostate Cancer Foundation
The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is the world’s leading philanthropic organization dedicated to funding life-saving prostate cancer research. Founded in 1993 by Mike Milken, PCF has raised more than $830 million in support of cutting-edge research by more than 2,200 research projects at 220 leading cancer centers in 22 countries around the world. Thanks in part to PCF’s commitment to ending death and suffering from prostate cancer, the death rate is down by 52% and countless more men are alive today as a result. The Prostate Cancer Foundation research now impacts more than 70 forms of human cancer by focusing on immunotherapy, the microbiome, and food as medicine. Learn more at www.pcf.org.

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