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Understanding Prostate Cancer

PCF is the primary source for new standard-of-care and research information. Learn more about the latest prostate science and developments.

About Prostate Cancer

About Prostate Cancer

About the Prostate

Normal anatomy and function

Risk Factors

The role of age, race, and family history


Prevention and delaying strategies


Potential indicators of prostate cancer

Early Detection and Screening

Finding cancer before symptoms develop

Living with
Prostate Cancer

Living with Prostate Cancer

Newly Diagnosed

Answers about the disease, diagnosis, and treatment

Treatment Options

Determine what’s right for you

Side Effects

What to expect, from side effects to follow-up care


Rising PSA, therapies, and other considerations

Advanced Disease

Therapies and pain management

Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

Patient Support

For Families and Caregivers

How to help your loved one and yourself

Prostate Cancer Guides & Books

Free guides and recommended reading


Email updates of prostate cancer and PCF news

Glossary of Key Terms

Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrition and Wellness

Practical advice to thrive, not just survive.


PCF Spotlight

Expert opinions on current issues related to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.


Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

How you can help with the development of new treatments.



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