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“Fallout” from New Study: Men with Early Balding May Be at Higher Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Are you at higher risk of getting aggressive prostate cancer?  Results of two studies say the answer may be staring you right in the face.  Actually, a little higher:..Read More


Interview With an Expert: Cognitive Impairment and ADT

INTERVIEW WITH AN EXPERT Alicia Morgans, M.D., M.P.H., Medical Oncologist Vanderbilt University Medical Center Does ADT cause cognitive impairment? This question seems simple, but really, it’s more like opening a medical can of..Read More


ADT: What You Really Need to Know

The only people who really like androgen deprivation therapy (also called ADT, or hormonal therapy) are the drug companies that make billions of dollars a year selling the drugs.  ..Read More


“If This Is Going to Be Aggressive, I’m Going to Be Aggressive, Too.”

Malcolm Carmine, age 52, has metastatic prostate cancer.   But prostate cancer doesn’t have him. The difference between those two statements is as big as the gap between being alive and..Read More


Nobody Else is Doing This

Federal research funds have been dwindling for years; universities are hurting, and academic scientists, who have to raise their own research funding, are perennially strapped for cash. Drug companies like..Read More


When Treatment Stops Working: Blame Resistance

In the upside down world of prostate cancer, the good guys want to win the war and the bad guys are leading the resistance. Imagine Rick’s Café in Casablanca, except..Read More


Infection and Prostate Cancer

Bacteria, Infection, Inflammation… Cancer? Guess what? Urine’s not sterile! This may be bad news for people like TV survival expert Bear Grylls, who often resorts to drinking his own urine..Read More


Prostatitis: Misdiagnosed and Misunderstood

Every year, thousands of men are diagnosed with prostatitis. Some of them might even have it. Most of them don’t. Maybe you’re one of those men, and you’ve been taking antibiotics for..Read More


Interview with an Expert: Active Surveillance

Christopher Barbieri, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Urology Assistant Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology Weill Cornell Medicine New York Presbyterian Medical Center “There’s no one way to select candidates for active surveillance,” says  urologist and..Read More


Active Surveillance:  What You Need to Know

Is active surveillance right for you?  The answer to this question varies, depending on a bunch of factors: your particular form of prostate cancer, your age and general health,..Read More