Michael Evans

Michael Evans
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  • Molecular imaging of prostate cancer to determine sites of metastasis in recurrent patients is an unmet medical need.
  • Dr. Evans is exploiting the activation of two cancer-causing genes (MYCand PI3K) in prostate cancer, which results in high expression of the transferrin receptor (TfR).
  • TfR will be exploited in these studies to image and treat advanced, metastatic prostate cancer with radioactive transferrin.
  • The biology underlying this research has great potential to improve imaging and therapy of prostate cancer.

What this means to patients: Two common aberrantly activated genes that drive prostate cancer progression are MYC and PI3K. Dr. Evans is evaluating strategies that employ radioactive transferrin agents as potential diagnostics and therapeutics for the subset of prostate cancers that are driven by MYC and PI3K.


2013 David H. Koch-PCF Young Investigator

Michael Evans, PhD

University of California, San Francisco


Charles Sawyers, MD and Jason Lewis, PhD

Project Title

Exploiting the genetics of advanced prostate cancer for tumor detection and therapy with transferrin-based radionuclides