Birthday Pledge Confirmation

Thank you for pledging your birthday in support of Many vs Cancer, the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s new fundraising movement.

A member of our team will reach out to you approximately 60 days before your birthday to help set up your birthday page on Many vs Cancer. Our team can show you the easy to use tools to invite your network to join you in supporting prostate cancer research in honor of your special day. Thank you for being an advocate!

If you have any questions, please contact Oliver Freund, Director of Community Engagement, at or by calling 310-570-4726.

About Many vs Cancer:

Many vs Cancer is the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s new fundraising movement. This grassroots community of patients, caregivers, survivors, family and friends is rallying around a united goal: defeating prostate cancer once and for all. Sign up for free and receive a personalized Web page and participant center with access to easy to use fundraising tools to help you get the word out. To learn more, visit