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Q&A With Prostate Cancer Survivor Mical J. Roy

Mical J. Roy, a young prostate cancer survivor, shares his experience and words of advice. 1. How and when were you diagnosed with prostate cancer? In the summer of 2018,...Read More


5 Reasons to Exercise TODAY!

5 reasons to swim for exercise It’s a whole-body exercise, working your legs, arms, and core. It has unique cardiovascular benefits: Regulating and timing your breathing helps expand your lung...Read More


PSMA Targeted Therapy Trial Results: New Hope For Men With Prostate Cancer

There is incredibly hopeful news on the horizon for men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). Today, promising results were released from a clinical trial of a revolutionary new class...Read More


A Message From Our CEO, Dr. Jonathan Simons

To our entire PCF community… Leading PCF for 14 years and collaborating with Mike Milken, the Board of Directors, our exceptional staff, the many researchers and physicians who share our...Read More