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Stronger Than Prostate Cancer

May 17, 2018
Stronger Than Prostate Cancer

Graham Wilkerson wants to prove he is stronger than prostate cancer. That’s why this former DePauw defensive tackle is training to break the world record for pull-ups later this month. And he’s doing it through Many vs Cancer, the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s new fundraising movement.

Graham has dubbed his fundraising effort “Pull-ups for Prostate Cancer.” He’s taking on a personal challenge of 5,743 pull-ups in 12 hours to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Graham also looks to call attention to the need for continued research to find a cure. And, he is doing all of this in honor of his family members who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Graham is not one to shy away from a physical challenge. As the owner of Genesis Sports Performance in Indianapolis, Graham serves the community as a strength and conditioning expert, training athletes of all levels. One thing he has learned from all this and he would convey to those newly diagnosed with prostate cancer: “Don’t take family for granted. Stay close to each other.”

On Friday, May 25th, he’ll take on the pull-up challenge at his gym, paying homage to his family members who have gone through treatments for cancer, including prostate cancer. “My father’s cousin also had prostate cancer and another family member has breast cancer, so it’s important to me to try and accomplish a philanthropic event twice a year. When I decided on an organization where I felt the money raised would do the most good, my research led me to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. My family’s research also came up with the same organization and we are proud to be supporting PCF.”

To donate or for more information on Graham’s fundraising efforts, go to: https://join.manyvscancer.org/graham-wilkerson.

And, to start your own fundraising activity, join The Many who are working to defeat prostate cancer at www.manyvscancer.org.