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What’s cooking this week? Sept 1-5

August 26, 2020
green peas

Welcome to our challenge! Click here to read about how we chose the 30 foods…..and just what is a periodic table, anyway? This week’s foods include Broccoli, Flax Seeds, Green Peas, Blueberries and Pickles!

Here’s a list of some recipes that feature these ingredients:

Broccoli Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Martha Stewart’s Minty Pea Dip (hint: for a slightly lower fat version, cut the olive oil in half and/or skip the tahini!)

Get in on the Pickling craze!

10-minute Blueberry Flax Pancakes (from scratch!)

Need other ideas?  Ask the other challengers what they plan to cook.

Thank you for caring about your health, and thank you for spreading the word during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 2020.

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