In memory of Alan Theodore Snyder

Thank you for your donation in memory of Alan Theodore Snyder and for helping to further prostate cancer research in his name.

Anyone who knew our dad, Ted, knew what a positive and wonderful person he was. He definitely was not going to live with prostate cancer without putting up a fight and survived for over 6 years. And honestly, he lived longer than doctors predicted which is something he reiterated until the end. Isn’t that just like Ted to always focus on the positive! We were very proud of him for his courage. Watching our dad battle this disease was very tough and we know that he didn’t want others he loved to endure the same fate. His wish was that more men proactively learned about the disease and the right steps they need to take. With this, we are setting up a Memorial Donation Fund for prostate cancer. It is set up in his name as our way to honor him and to remember him as the strong, loving, wonderful man that he was. Although it is too late for him, it is never too late to find a cure for the thousands of men out there right now who are hoping and praying a cure will come. May you rest in peace, Dad. We love you more than words can say.