In memory of Albert V. Durand

Al was a great businessman, beloved by his employees as he enriched their lives and their finances, a devoted servant to our country as a private first class in the U.S. Army at the end of WWII in Germany, as well as a devoted and beloved husband of 63 years, father, grandfather, uncle, and cousin. Above all he was a gentle man who loved others and demonstrated it through kind and generous actions.

Our father died of metastatic prostate cancer and suffered cognitive loss due to the hormonal deprivation therapy for his cancer. We naturally would like to help other men facing metastatic prostate cancer at the time of diagnosis as well as men with hormone refractory prostate cancer not responding to treatment via novel pathways that can only be found through solid basic research. We hope that this will allow other men to avoid the side effects and eventual treatment failure that impacted Al’s life and that of his wife, family, and friends, and we appreciate your generous gift. We should add that Al never complained to us. Never. That was his nature. But we know there is a better way to treat prostate cancer and with your help, we will find it.

Terms to know from this article:


A chemical made by glands in the body. Hormones circulate in the bloodstream and control the actions of certain cells or organs. Some hormones can also be made in a laboratory.


In medicine, describes a disease or condition that does not respond to treatment.