In memory of Dennis Howell Hubbard

Dennis was diagnosed in 2011 with an aggressive form of prostate cancer at the young age of 51. Though his diagnosis was a complete shock for the rest of our family, he never let that stop him. With the cancer too far advanced for surgery, Dennis began chemotherapy treatment after a few months of injections. Dennis was a fighter, and he fought through every chemo treatment, every needle stick, and every test knowing that he had a loving family right by his side.

Dennis never stopped living his life to its fullest, even though his cancer had spread from his prostate into his bones. He never skipped an event, remaining active by taking cruises with his family, working as the boss in the coal mines, and watching Caleb play ball. After two years, Dennis’ prostate cancer spread to his liver. Even through bad days, he continued his fight.

Dennis Hubbard is a prime example of a hero. Dennis had cancer, but cancer didn’t have him. He was a believer and a follower of Christ, and we know Dennis is in Heaven watching over us. We have an amazing guardian angel to hold and protect us! We love you so much and can’t wait to see you again!