In memory of Harold Stanley (Buddy) Zeeman, Jr.

Harold Stanley (Buddy) Zeeman, Jr., born February 1, 1927, in Mount Vernon, NY, died at age 86 in Jupiter, FL, of prostate cancer. He was preceded in death by his brother Dr. Stanley Zeeman.

Surviving loved ones include his children Barry, Tracy, and Lori, and his grandchildren Annabelle and Angela Carpenter, Faith Travis, and Olivia and John Zeeman.

He was a graduate of UCLA and served in the US Navy.

He was the president of a successful menswear factory outlet, Barry Manufacturing.

Buddy enjoyed sailing, tennis, & biking.

Harold Zeeman Memorial link:

Feb 1st, 2013 – Celebrating his last shared birthday with his granddaughter Olivia.

She was born on his 79th birthday.

Isaiah 57:1-2