In memory of William J. Bednarcik

Thank you for considering donating in honor of such a great man, William (Bill) J. Bednarcik. Bill had a special fondness for travelling, golfing, fishing, hunting, square dancing, volunteering as a Marshal for golf tournaments and as a AARP tax-aide, attending Saint Cloud Baptist Church, listening to traditional gospel music, and spending time with his family.

Bill always had a love for life and was a fighter. He passed away June 16, 2013, after two years of fighting prostate cancer with metastasis to the bones. He was always there for all his friends and family with a smile, kind advice, or a laugh. He will be greatly missed by so many. The best way to honor him is to help find a cure for those who are still suffering. In honor of him, we hope that you will contribute by donating to this cause to fight prostate cancer.

The family thanks you for your donation.

The family will be notified of your gift as well as any notes you include. Please allow an additional 5 – 7 business days for mail delivery, per the US Postal Service. If you prefer, donations may also be mailed to:

Prostate Cancer Foundation
1250 Fourth Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Terms to know from this article:


The spread of cancer from one part of the body to another. A tumor formed by cells that have spread is called a "metastatic tumor" or a "metastasis." The metastatic tumor contains cells that are like those in the original (primary) tumor. The plural form of metastasis is metastases (meh-TAS-ta-seez).