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Rebecca R.

Kristin- it has been a long time since we saw each other in your small apartment in NYC, where the bathroom door didn’t close all the way ;-) I submit...Read More


Jaclyn D.

I am the personal caregiver to my husband Bruce, We have been together for 42 years and married for married for 33 years. He is step-dad to my 2 grown...Read More


Dale M.

My husband was diagnosed 16 months ago with stage 4 prostate cancer. We went through all the testing and we decided that we would go with a clinical trial. We...Read More


Kelly R.

I would like to nominate my mom Susan. For over 40 years my mother was an emergency room nurse in Brooklyn, NY. She cared for all types of patients with...Read More


Kelly H.

My story is. Different and the same as many others. It’s from the perspective of being a caregiver even when you are hurting. My mom was murdered when I was...Read More


Megan P.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that spread to my lymph nodes and my ovaries. I didn’t really have symptoms other than feeling full right after eating. I...Read More

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Becky H.

I am writing in regards to the parents, especially the mother of Jasper Mazzocco. He is my daughters preschool friend and was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago....Read More

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Holly C.

On February 9, 2009, I lost my beloved grandpa, Cecil, to prostate cancer after a 17-year battle. On October 29, 2021, I lost my hero, my dad to the same...Read More


Bill L.

I apologize in advance because this will contain a bit of potty humor. In 2019, at age 60, I had a radical prostatectomy. In 2021, I had a recurrence with...Read More


Ronald R.

I am sending you this message to recognize my wife, Joan Reed, who is my caregiver. She is a wonderful and very caring person. I am a 72 year old...Read More