Kelly R.

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I would like to nominate my mom Susan. For over 40 years my mother was an emergency room nurse in Brooklyn, NY. She cared for all types of patients with all different illnesses. When she finally retired to begin taking care of her grandkids her sister, my aunt Diane was diagnosed with Cancer. My mom essentially moved in to my aunts home to take care of her 7 days a week. Unfortunately my aunt passed away from cancer after a 6 month battle. My mother then moved back to helping take care of her 4 grandchildren. Within months my grandfather who was a very healthy 93 year old, had a knee injury which left him debilitated and needing 24 hour care. My mom never once thought of anything other then simply moving into my grandfathers place and becoming his primary caregiver 24/7. Still to this day she is taking care of him 3 days a week while helping babysit her 4 grandchildren as her are all essential employees. She has a son who is a special agent, a daughter that’s an NyPd officer and myself and emergency room nurse.
My mom would be horrified to find out I nominated her for this because she would never say she deserves any credit, it’s what you do for family. She may have become a nurse in the 1970’s but her compassion and desire to help others is still just as strong in 2022.

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