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How to Find an Expert Radiation Oncologist

How to Find an Expert Radiation Oncologist

Even if hospitals offer the same treatment, by no means does this mean that this treatment is interchangeable. This information can help if radiation is right for you.Read More


You’ve Got Prostate Cancer. Now What? Read This First.

You’ve had the PSA test – or more likely, several of them – plus the digital rectal exam, and one or both of these suggested that you needed a biopsy....Read More

The Tough Guy

The Tough Guy

This is a love story about a man and his family.  Charlie Robison so fiercely loved his wife and daughters that he fought prostate cancer with all his might for...Read More

Stevie DuPin

“Get checked under the hood. Be a responsible grown-up.”

So, you’re 42.  You’re into health and fitness, and fairly attuned to your body:  you know something’s not right with your urinary tract, and you go to the doctor to...Read More

Russell Clayton

Healing and Grace

In many ways, Russell Clayton’s story sounds like an ideal scenario from a prostate cancer playbook:  In September 2015, Clayton, a doctor himself – he is an Ob/Gyn in Los...Read More


Survivor’s Son: “No reaction is as strong and fierce as when it’s your own family member”

Prostate Cancer Family Member Checklist: Reach Out Learn More Get Involved Ask Ian McLeod how his dad is doing, and he’s happy to tell you:  “He’s doing phenomenal.  He had...Read More


Treating the Gene

In a matter of weeks, Mark Meerschaert went from being an athlete to someone who could barely walk; metastatic prostate cancer had come from nowhere and spread like wildfire throughout...Read More


Survivor’s Spirit

How to Get Through Really Awful Things, Be a Smart Partner in Your Own Care, and Even Keep Your Sense of Humor Here’s what you might not have in common...Read More


“Fallout” from New Study: Men with Early Balding May Be at Higher Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Are you at higher risk of getting aggressive prostate cancer?  Results of two studies say the answer may be staring you right in the face.  Actually, a little higher: in...Read More


Interview With an Expert: Cognitive Impairment and ADT

INTERVIEW WITH AN EXPERT Alicia Morgans, M.D., M.P.H., Medical Oncologist Vanderbilt University Medical Center Does ADT cause cognitive impairment? This question seems simple, but really, it’s more like opening a...Read More