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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Join the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) to Get Healthy this September during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. We know that 20% of cancer is preventable through health habits like good nutrition and regular physical activity.. Eating healthy and exercising can help to prevent any number of chronic diseases, and in some cases, like diabetes, it can even help reverse some of the most dangerous effects.

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1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetimes. For Black men, it’s 1 in 6. We know that lifestyle factors, like exercise and proper nutrition, play a key role in health risks, health equity, and outcomes. While eating healthy and exercising can’t stop you from getting cancer, research shows that it can lower your risk.

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PCF CEO Dr. Charles J. Ryan and "Dr. Drew" Pinsky discuss the importance of mental and emotional wellness for prostate cancer survivors at all stages of their journey.


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