Walk the Bases

What is the 41.5 Miles in June: Walk the Bases Challenge?

The 41.5 Miles in June: Walk the Bases Challenge is a fun new way to get ACTIVE. During the month of June, we’re challenging everyone to walk at least 41.5 miles in 30 days to help raise critical funds for prostate cancer research.

If you’re wondering how we came up with the 41.5 miles, it’s actually equal to the 609 home runs hit during the PCF-MLB Home Run Challenge campaign last year. So, even if no baseball games are played in June, we’re still “walking the bases” for life-saving research!

If you’re interested in joining the challenge, send us an email and we’ll help you get started.

For rules regarding giveaways during the challenge, please review terms.


Q: What if people want to donate to me but aren’t on Facebook?
A: Donations can also me made through our website here or by mail to:

Prostate Cancer Foundation
Attn: Walk the Bases
1250 Fourth Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Q: How should I track my miles?
A: You can submit them at the end of the month, though some people enjoy posting more frequent updates on the Facebook Group.  If you need something to track your steps, you can use this form.

Q. Is there a schedule to follow?
A: This program is flexible.  Some people are walking more miles.  Some are running. If you would like a sample program to walk, we have provided one here to download as a pdf.

Q: What if I want to walk the miles but I am not on Facebook?
A: This program really is designed around our Facebook group but we do understand that people may still want to participate.  Here’s how you can:

1. Send us an email letting us know that you plan to walk the miles.
2. Once the month is up, send us your mile count. Use this form.
3. This is a fundraising program. Any amount you can raise is appreciated.  You can use this donation/pledge log to keep track!

Q: Do I have to fundraise?
A: This is not a requirement to participate. We are grateful for all awareness raised and any funds raised as a result!