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I am a caregiver to myself, and I’ll be the first to tell you how much it would help if I did have a caregiver. We live in a time where family is no longer willing to help family members who are, terminal, bed ridden, disabilities, getting to Appointments, (no car)… I am not an idiot, I know this is for the caregivers of this country, and I applaud them for the tasks at hand when caring for a person like myself. But my story should count as well!!.. I take care of myself, and I’m scared to death when getting in and out of shower, walking out in the snow and ice, a fall could cripple me, but my drive is through the hands of God!! I have multiple fractures in my back,, ( osteoporosis ).. some days it’s impossible for me to get out of bed, but through the pain and faith in Jesus Christ, I am able to get up and do the necessary things I need to do. Sad part, I live with my ex-wife and son, they are busy with their jobs, that they don’t have the time to help!!.. imagine that, your own son.. I’m 61 going on 62, do you realize that if I want to get into affordable housing, I have to be 62, 6 months away and possibly nothing will be available anyway!..yes you can still be alone, even though people are around you and see your struggle. So.. as I stated, I am my own caregiver, and it’s a tough road to go down, I want my story to reach those who have Fay, and they have a family member that they say ( I LOVE YOU ).. but won’t lift a finger to help.. it hurts!!. It hurts like a pain you experienced with your disease or other disabilities, .. and with cost moving up, it makes it tough to live on just Social Security!! People!! This is your family!!.. not a stranger from the streets. And trust me!! If I had a home and my family member needed a roof and an address with assistance.. I would be there!! Even if we’re two or three.. FAMILY IS SUPPOSED TO HELP FAMILY!!.. not shut their eyes to the reality that their family member needs help. I’m my own caregiver and I’m submitting this regardless of what was asked!! Because there’s more than myself who are in this situation. Thank you for your time , And may God assist you in picking a great caregiver!!

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