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It’s not my story but my mom’s – Kathy Hernandez:

For many years she’s been taking care of my dad Guadalupe Hernandez.  It all started when he first had a heart attack in 1996. She would take care of his cuts from the surgery and make sure he had everything he needed. Over the years his health got a lil worse but she never left his side. She would always have his coffee and medicine ready for him every morning. In 2006 he got the news he had Prostate Cancer and he did 52 treatments of radiation. He was sick and down it destroyed him but my mom never left his side not for one moment. Since dad is the way he was she couldn’t work anymore. She had to stay home and take care of him. In 2018 was a shock to us all he started to have pain in his neck and back. So I took him to the hospital to get it checked out and when the exams it turned out to be cancer it was now in his bones. The doctor was talking to us and all I could do is look at my dad my hero I knew what he went through the first time and he wanted to give up. From March 24, 2018 we all started the journey and I’m so grateful for my mom she never left her heart the love of her life. I would do my best on my days off work to take him to the doctors. My mom and I were both by his side. This January 28, 2019 he lost the fight, the pain of the cancer was too much for him and he went on hospice the week before he passed. He is truly missed by us all but the love of her life and my hero is now our angel and he’s not in pain anymore. Thank you for reading my mom’s story.

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