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Avis H.
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My Father was Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in October of 2017 after getting his Bladder and Prostate removed due to Having Bladder Cancer. His Prostate was over 30% cancerous. 6 weeks after he received a PSA test to check his levels. It was an 8.

His Kidneys were not functioning properly and in December the same day we found out his Prostate Cancer was still around in his body he had Nepro Tubes put in to each kidney. He had a total of 6 chemo treatments for the Bladder Cancer. 7 weeks of Radiation and 2 years of Hormone Injection Shoots. Has stayed in the Hospital 20 times since his surgery in September of 2017. Is only down to one antibiotic he can take due to all the infections he has become immune to all the ones he can take.

He physically is not able to do much Physically due to a Double hernia operation in December 2019 and still has a hernia that needs to be worked on which they won’t touch till absolutely necessary.

He finished his course of Treatment in April 2020. After almost three years and so far his PSA level is where it should be when you don’t have a Prostate. My mother was his main Caregiver and I helped out and did things she was unable to do.

However in June of 2020 she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and I became the Caregiver to both of them.

This year I decided to start a Podcast as a way to Support me and other Caregivers take Care of themselves and be the best caregivers they can be. Where there stories can be heard and where they know they are not alone.

I’m extremely grateful for all of the Health Care Workers who have supported my Dad through his Journey and those who are Supporting my Mom through her Journey.

It’s really hard and I am all alone Physically due to this Pandemic we have kept ourselves very isolated and quarantined for their safety and well being.

I keep track of all the appointments, remember the things the Doctors say. Change my dad’s urostomoy bag. Take him and my mom to and from appointments. Do all the heavy physical labor needed. Laundry, majority of the cleaning, Shopping and so much more.

We have a solid system in place and I’m truly grateful that I work for myself and that I am able to do all that I can for him and my mom along this journey.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my story.

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