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This story doesn’t have a good ending however I believe it needs to be out there so people understand the ramifications of not just having prostate cancer itself, but also the ramifications of the treatment. I believe men would be more apt to get tested, and get tested earlier in life if they knew what happened to me. I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer a month after I turned 46. A few months later I had a radical prostatectomy. I didn’t understand that because of the surgery I wouldn’t be able to have an erection naturally again-and never be able to get any one pregnant. I didn’t understand that I would have to wear a Depends undergarment to bed every night and a night time pad under me in bed because, my bladder leaked out without the prostate. At first my wife was supportive of the changes however thinking back on it, about 6-8 months after the surgery I noticed a change in her. I am sure the cancer and the changes in me are a big part of the reason we divorced. So, knowing what I know now-I would have been tested earlier in life. Like I said, this story doesn’t have a good ending but its the truth, and that’s important that the truth about advanced prostate cancer and the problems that arise from it be discussed. And if this helps even one other man, than that is all that matters.

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