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Jessica F.
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My father has been through a lot within the last 4 years. My mother passed from ovarian cancer in 2017. The year after that my father has several strokes and stents placed surgically. In 2019, my father was diagnosed with CHF as well as bladder and prostate cancer, as well as non-hogkins lymphoma. He has gone through several surgical procedures in 2019-2020. Stent in femoral artery, replacement of his jugular veins, stent in his aorta, chemo and freezing of prostate, and now awaiting to see about his bladder cancer and removal of his bladder. My life has changed from a simple visit with his grand-kids to going over once a week and every weekend to help clean, bring or prepare a dinner (he does not cook a lot for himself now since my mom passed), help with shoveling snow (unless neighbors come over to do so, which they do often) yard work, house chores, and of course sitting to visit for hours. I love my dad , it is so hard to worry every day for him yet keeping myself positive on the outside and telling him not to worry, which he always worries. My sister and I do as much as we can even though we both work full time have two kids, a house of animals and chores we have to deal with in a daily basis.

I would never think of doing less for my dad he needs all he can get as well as Turing 75 next week on the -9th of February. My parents have gone through detestation over and over for years and my dad always says he appreciated everything and he loves us so much. That right there goes deep with my heart and soul to stay more positive even when I am having a bad day.

Thank you for listening to my story and hope the progression of cancer can be slowed and or prevented in the very near future.

Love Jessica

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