Tara V.

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About Tara V.

My story honors my sister Felissa Vazquez, who is taking on the job of caring for our dad, Antonio Vazquez through his fight against Prostate Cancer because the rest of us live so far away and can’t be there due to the pandemic. My dad was just diagnosed in January 2021, and needs treatment for the coming months.

My sister works full time, and has a little family of her own to take care for. She feeds my dad dinner every day, makes sure his fridge is always full, and all his other needs are met. My dad is a Vietnam Veteran, and has PTSD. He lives alone, and has felt extremely lonely since the pandemic started.

Nobody has visited him so as not to put him at risk. So, my sister is forced to be there for all of us. She does it without being asked, and I know it is not always easy.

I hope she gets the recognition she deserves, and knows we all see her and appreciate her. The next few months will not be easy on her and her family, so any reprieve she can get will be a gift!

Oh, and she has no idea about this. We don’t really speak much, and our physical distance doesn’t help matters. However, I am overflowing with gratitude!

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