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Behind The Scenes of Matt Kuchar, JB Holmes and Andy North’s Prostate Cancer Commercial

Check out a behind the scenes peek of the Prostate Cancer Commercial Matt Kuchar, JB Holmes, and Andy North.Read More


Find Your Baseline Fitness Level (And Then Walk With Us!)

We all know that exercise is crucial to health, but sometimes it can be hard to find something you like to do and stick with a routine. Our simple solution?...Read More


BREAKING NEWS: FDA Approves Olaparib For Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer

This has been a truly historic week, with two new treatment options receiving FDA approval for men with advanced prostate cancer. Today, olaparib was approved by the FDA for certain...Read More


BREAKING NEWS: FDA Approves Rucaparib For Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Today we are thrilled to announce that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved rucaparib, a new medication to treat some patients with advanced prostate cancer. PCF science is...Read More

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The Importance of Diversity in Medical Research

Doctors discuss the immense importance of diversity in medical research, how it helps improve science and accelerates change.Read More

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Treatment Delay or Active Surveillance? A Matter of Perspective

Way back in March—which can seem like a lifetime ago—we published this article about treatment delays. Since then, perhaps you have been able to make a plan with your doctor...Read More


Breaking News: ADT May Offer Some Protection From COVID-19 in Men with Prostate Cancer

A PCF-funded study of men with prostate cancer in Italy suggests that men with prostate cancer who were taking ADT were 4 times less likely to be infected with the...Read More

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Building a Map For Cancer | Rohit Bose

Dr. Rohit Bose discusses his work building a map to track down and kill cancer. Likening it to using GPS on your phone when you try to get from one...Read More

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How You Can Help Defeat Coronavirus

People all around the world have been dealing with a universal crisis, the likes of which haven’t been seen in our lifetimes. With a constant stream of troubling news coming...Read More

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Investing In Research For A Cancer Cure | Maha Hussain

Maha Hussain, MD, FACP, FASCO dives into the link between bladder cancer and prostate cancer as well as how investing in one cancer can help to cure many different cancers.Read More