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Profiles in Prostate Cancer: Ken Pienta, A lifetime of Service

Johns Hopkins Urology & Oncology Professor has always asked how can he serve How do you serve the world and those around you? It’s a question that the Prostate Cancer...Read More


Prostate Cancer Superheroes

Radiation Oncologist Dan Spratt Discusses the Likeness of Physicians and Superheroes Dan Spratt has taken an odd route on his way to becoming a doctor. Growing up in Eugene, Oregon,...Read More


Fighting Cancer “Identity Theft”

A PCF Young Investigator takes on prostate cancer tumor cells that “change their identity” Ping Mu is a research associate working at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and a PCF...Read More


Enduring for a Cure

Muhit Rahman Takes on The Grand To Grand Ultra Marathon to Raise Money For Prostate Cancer   In the last few minutes of our interview this week at the Prostate...Read More


What are Some Other Causes of a High PSA?

So you’ve had your PSA test, and it came back high. Your doctor did a DRE and ran a few more tests, and assures you that prostate cancer is very...Read More


Stress and Cancer

The physiology of your body has a lot to do with cancer As Suzanne Conzen, MD (University of Chicago) knows, there isn’t any question that there is an interaction between...Read More


9 Revolutionary Ways to Prevent Disease

Drink (That's Right, Drink) EVOO In June of 2018, The New England Journal of Medicine published a study which conclusively reported that incidence of major cardiovascular events (heart attack and...Read More


Advances in Patient Care are Helping Families

The Prostate Cancer Foundation has long been a leader in prostate cancer research and discovering treatments that have significantly helped prostate cancer patients lead better, longer lives. Over the last...Read More


PCF Team Science

Building the best teams to fight prostate cancer Like a super hero team brought together to save the world, the Prostate Cancer Foundation has led the charge to bring together...Read More

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Prostate Cancer: Curing the Whole Family

Learning your family’s history with cancer is important. The link between some types of prostate cancer and other cancers through genetics has been known for some time, although it is...Read More