The 23rd Annual PCF Scientific Retreat is scheduled for October 27-29, 2016 at the La Costa Hotel in Carlsbad, CA.

The 23rd PCF Scientific Retreat will host ~550 participants from academia, government organizations, industry and non-profit organizations.

This invitation-only event attracts the best researchers, physicians, medical oncologists and is not just limited to people working directly on finding a cure for prostate cancer. Each year PCF invites brilliant minds from fields as diverse as computer science, bioinformatics, dentistry, neuroscience, engineering etc. to come together and share thoughts and ideas in a collaborative setting, taking us all a step further towards finding a cure for a disease that afflicts over 220,000 men in the United States alone.

This year we have participants flying over from all parts of the world to attend this prestigious meeting.

•546 participants: 378 from academia and 124 from industry, 17 Board members, and 27 other distinguished guests.

•16 countries represented

•102 academic institutions represented

•Representatives from 47 biopharmaceutical companies

The advanced degree distribution of our attendees this year is as follows:

Advanced Degree # Attendees
PhD 224
MD 171
MD, PhD 92
PharmD 5
DO 1
JD 1
RN 1
MS 12
MBA 12
N/A 26
Total   546