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Two Critical Topics on “The Prostate Health Show”: BPH and the Latest in Prostate Cancer Imaging

Got questions about prostate health and prostate cancer? The Prostate Cancer Foundation, Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio channel, and NYU Langone Health are partnering on a monthly prostate health radio series. Our host is PCF-funded researcher and urologist Stacy Loeb, MD, MSc, PhD (Hon.) longtime host of the popular “Men’s Health”. Read More


Interview with an Expert: Active Surveillance

Christopher Barbieri, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Urology Assistant Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology Weill Cornell Medicine New York Presbyterian Medical Center “There’s no one way to select candidates for active surveillance,” says  urologist and molecular biologist Chris Barbieri, M.D., Ph.D., who treats men with all kinds of prostate cancer and. Read More


For Some Advanced Cancers, What Might be Cures

We may have turned the corner.  We’re not there yet, but wow, are we hopeful!  At the Prostate Cancer Foundation, our goal has always been to put ourselves out of business by curing this terrible disease.  Not just by catching it early, or by curing cancer that’s confined to the. Read More


On the Horizon: More Accurate Biopsy

First, for the future, we have something we’ve never had in the past: excellent imaging of the prostate. Thanks to multi-parametric MRI, doctors have an unprecedented look inside this difficult-to-access gland. It’s not as good as it needs to be yet, but it’s much better than it was – and it’s already. Read More


Biopsy: What the Diagnosis Means

The pathologist has just looked under the microscope at 12 tissue samples from your prostate.  What’s in there?  First, there are normal cells.  Pathologists can tell that they’re normal, because they are round and uniform, with well-defined edges and clear centers.  As cancer progresses, the cells become more oblong; then. Read More


Interview With An Expert: Why the Biopsy Is Not Perfect

Your prostate feels like a pincushion, and you’ve been waiting for the biopsy results. They’re finally here. Now what? That’s a good question. You might think that the diagnosis of prostate cancer would be a fairly straightforward thing – especially if you’ve been through several biopsies and watched your PSA. Read More


Why Did I Get Prostate Cancer? It Begins With Inflammation

Believe it or not, there once was a time when the Grand Canyon was just a ditch. Before that, it was a rough patch in the desert with a river running through it. It took a very long time for that canyon to form, and the conditions had to be. Read More


Biopsy: Things You Need to Know

The first thing you should know is that there’s still plenty of room for confusion after a biopsy. Learn more about this procedure — and what happens next. Read More


Progress Report: Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc

Investigator: Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc – Associate Professor, Duke University Linking Epithelial and Stemness Plasticity with Prostate Cancer Metastasis and the Lethal Phenotype The mechanism by which cancer cells spread from the primary tumor to distant sites in the body (the process of metastasis) is not fully understood. Scientists hypothesize. Read More


Issues to Consider

Read a list of 15 things to consider if you've been diagnosed with prostate cancer — from PSA and Gleason scores to treatment decisions and lifestyle recommendations for prostate health. Read More