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Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Prostate Cancer Foundation Announce Their Commitment to Support the Blood Profiling Atlas in Cancer

In alignment with VP Biden’s Cancer Moonshot initiative, the Blood PAC formed in October 2016 to support progress towards patient benefit through research. Read More


New Genetic Test Helps To Select Best Medicines For Prostate Cancer Treatment And Identifies Hereditary Cancer Genes

Like self-driving cars, precision medicine for prostate cancer is no promise of the distant future -- with the efforts of Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF)-funded researchers and others, the prototypes have arrived. The first major precision medicine studies were huge -- utilizing "whole exome" sequencing, in which every gene expressed by... Read More


“Without the funds to do research, we won’t have the next generation of researchers”

January 31, 2014 -- Urologist and PCF-funded researcher Dr. Isla Garraway, followed in her father’s scientist footsteps. While working on her PhD, Garraway’s dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. "The minute I found out he had prostate cancer all my priorities shifted. How could I focus on researching anything else?"... Read More