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Patient Diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer 10 Years Ago Achieves Fifth Remission

New Documentary Underscores Advances in Treatment Science and Provides Hope for Patients with Metastatic Disease

January 18, 2012 -- Dr. S. Ward “Trip” Casscells, a cardiac physician, was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer 10 years ago and, after reading the survival statistics for similar cases, reconciled himself to a maximum three to five years of life ahead of him. Today, he is celebrating his fifth remission, thanks to advances in treatment science and the expertise of his oncologist, Dr. Christopher Logothetis, at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

“I am one of the longer (living) survivors. I shouldn’t be here,” says Trip in a new video produced by the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) documenting his journey with cancer.

His journey through diagnosis and treatment is an inspiring story filled with important clinical information and hope for patients. It also chronicles his petitioning to join the U.S. Army Reserve as perhaps the only cancer patient ever to do so. After serving in Iraq, Trip returned to the States where he was appointed Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs and continued to struggle with recurrences of his cancer.

“I told Trip if I can get you eight years, I can get you 10. If I can get you 10, I can perhaps get you 15,” explains Dr. Logothetis while discussing Trip’s case and treatment in the documentary. He explains that with the advances being made in treatment sciences, he and Trip were able to bank on treating Trip and keeping his cancer at bay long enough until the next new treatment was available. Both members of the patient/physician team emphasized that participation in clinical trials was an important aspect of Trip’s treatment during the past decade. 

The video can be viewed at PCF recommends the video for all prostate cancer patients and caregivers. Medical professionals are free to embed the video and share it with their patient communities via their websites.

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