Käri Kalstad

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Kari Kalstad
About Käri Kalstad

Kari Kalstad is PCF’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer where she directs the foundation’s daily operations and works closely the executive leadership team in creating strategic vision and growth. She has extensive experience in administrative leadership in higher education and healthcare. Most recently, Kari was the Division Director of Hematology, Oncology, and Transplantation at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Leading the largest division within the Department of Medicine, Kari’s oversight guided the Division in their goal of growing the clinical and hospital practice on campus and at multiple community locations across the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan region. During her tenure, while managing a multi-million dollar budget and large administrative staff, the Division successfully recruited academic clinicians adding growth to the clinical practice, increasing clinical trial enrollments, including the creation of a phase 1 program, and expanding the fellowship program. Prior to UMN, Kari held roles at Mayo Clinic leading enterprise-wide projects in collaboration with C-suite and executive leadership. Key projects include the development and implementation of population health management models, design and delivery of an EHR training program for physicians and allied health professionals, and the creation of regional advisory boards serving Mayo leadership. Kari’s executive level experience was founded in 15 years of serving as the Dean of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development at Riverland Community College. In her role as Dean of Academic Affairs, she worked with state-wide academic leaders, faculty, and regional business leaders to develop and grow critical professional and trades programs aimed as meeting economic development, workforce support, and community growth goals. Kari received a BS and Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Minnesota State College and University System institutions and is currently enrolled in Harvard’s Graduate Certificate program for Non-Profit Management.

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Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer