Charles Chan

About Charles Chan
  • Engraftment of prostate cancer in bone heralds a lethal form of the disease.
  • New targets are needed for the treatment of prostate cancer in bone and to prevent bone localization altogether.
  • Dr. Chan has discovered a type of metastatic prostate cancer stem cell that can home to bone and grow, causing increased morbidity.
  • These investigations are aimed at inhibiting bone-derived factors that permit the localization and proliferation of prostate cancer in the bony environment.

What this means for patients: Dr. Chan proposes to study mechanisms of prostate cancer tumor engraftment in the bone. These studies will identify therapeutic targets to reduce this serious metastatic event.


2013 Steve Wynn-PCF Young Investigator

Charles Chan, PhD

Stanford University School of Medicine


Irving Weissman, MD and Michael Longaker, MD

Project Title:

Identification and therapeutic targeting of cancer stem cell niche interactions in metastatic prostate bone marrow disease