Li Wang

About Li Wang
  • Identification of biomarkers to stratify risk for prostate cancer patients remains an unmet medical need.
  • Dr. Wang proposes to study the genes expressed from all prostate cancer patients seen at Mount Sinai Hospital. Networks of genes involved in the immune response will be selected and assessed through rigorous bioinformatics methods for their prognostic value.
  • Ultimately, a predictive model will result for stratifying risk for lethal prostate cancer.

What this means for patients: The results of this study should provide an accurate prediction of survival for patients with advanced, metastatic prostate cancer, which in turn will improve clinical management of the disease.


2013 Leon Wagner-PCF Young Investigator

Li Wang, PhD

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


William Oh, MD and Eric Schadt, PhD

Project Title:

Integrative genomics study of immune signatures in blood and tumor tissue for prostate cancer